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Anti-free market forces are running campaigns of unchecked misinformation to influence government decisions and public opinion. Worse still, they're masking their radical ideology behind environmental rhetoric. As our nation's economy continues to struggle, these extremists are growing bolder and our cause is growing more urgent.

Their targets include some of America's oldest and most essential businesses. From farmers and energy entrepreneurs to miners and builders, environmental extremists are prosecuting a relentless legal and regulatory campaign against everything from stable energy sources to stable food supplies.

Even when they lose, they cost jobs, cause delays and sow uncertainty. Anti-free market forces often raise major obstacles to worthwhile projects. That's because their agenda isn't sound economic or environmental policy — their agenda is halting economic growth of any kind, anywhere. Unfortunately, even when they lose in court, they cause costly delays and greater economic uncertainty. For these fringe groups, the cost to delay and disrupt such projects is minimal, and they know that the cost, delays and uncertainty they create can often kill major projects and any economic benefits they may bring. The damage to America's business climate can be extraordinary.

Worse still, they're sending you the bill. The cost for so-called "environmental" interests to wage such court battles is often negligible to them, since the bill is regularly picked up by taxpayers. That's right. Even when they lose in federal court, environmental groups are often compensated for attorneys fees — by taxpayers.

We're here to take them on. Too often, anti-free market agendas are masked as "environmental" causes. However, responsible, scientifically-sound environmentalism has been sidelined by many of these groups. Free Market America monitors "Free Market Flashpoints." We're not afraid to get involved on behalf of local communities or business groups that are besieged by anti-free market forces. We make our case to the policymakers, the press, and most importantly, directly to the people.

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