The Utterly Pointless War on Coal

Peter Roff
US News
October 29,2013

The Obama administration's war on coal not only runs counter to global energy trends. It actually threatens to jeopardize U.S. global competitiveness and the prospects for American energy independence.

As has been said many times, the United States is "the Saudi Arabia of coal." The proven reserves can be used to fuel the country's base load power needs for decades to come as far as the generation of electricity is concerned. The potential also exists for this country to become one of the world's major exporters of this most basic of fossil fuels, save for the radical environmentalists who are standing in the way.

Concerns about so-called greenhouse gases and "global warming" will not stop the rest of the world from employing coal as an energy source. The theory that the consumption of carbon-based energy is producing changes in the global climate remains just that: a theory. Nevertheless the industrial planners and ivory tower academics who hold sway over Obama administration environmental policy are determined to remove it from the U.S. domestic energy mix and, if possible, to block its use around the world.

It's a fool's errand. As Energy Trends Insider reported at the end of 2012, the International Energy Agency forecasts that coal will overtake oil as the world's fuel source of choice by around the start of the next decade or, at the latest, by 2022.

"The boost in coal use is due to extreme growth in emerging markets like China and India, countries that require cheap fuel sources for electricity production in order to support their quickly growing infrastructures and populations," the ETI reported. "At current rates of growth, the IEA says that it expects that coal consumption will rise to 4.32 billion tons of oil equivalent versus 4.4 billion tons of oil per year worldwide" by the middle of the current decade, even with the Obama administration standing in the way

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