“If I Wanted America to Fail” Creators Release
New Hard-Hitting Video After State of the Union

The new Free Market America video—entitled #WeAreNotTheMasses—will
be accompanied by a national advertising buy over Super Bowl weekend.
(Washington, DC – January 30, 2014) Hit viral video-maker Free Market America today announced the release of its own 4-minute rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union Speech.  The video—entitled #WeAreNotTheMasses—takes aim at the policies of the Obama Administration as well as various flashpoints of environmental extremism throughout the country, from San Francisco to Alabama.  Click here to watch the video.  The 30-second TV spot can be viewed here.
“This is our latest contribution to the national debate,” said Ryan Houck, president of Free Market America.  “For too long, environmental extremists—backed by a sympathetic Administration—have been free to pursue any policy, no matter how much it hurts ordinary Americans, under the guise of ‘environmentalism.’  We’re calling them out.”
The video covers contemporary topics from Obamacare to the War on Coal to the costly antics of the EPA.  Free Market America introduced itself to the public in 2012 with the release of “If I Wanted America to Fail,” a viral video that quickly accrued more than 2.5 million hits on YouTube.  You can follow Free Market America on Twitter at @FreeMarket_US
Here's the full script of the new video:

[“If I wanted America to fail ...

To follow, not lead; to suffer, not prosper; to despair, not dream.

I would start with energy.”]

And they did.

The Keystone Pipeline, the War on Coal, endless environmental lawsuits aimed at expanding federal power …

… They sure started with energy—but they didn’t stop there.

[Obama: If you like your plan, you can keep your plan… Period]

Period …

Many Americans didn’t get to keep their plan or their doctor.

And as federal tentacles snaked their way deeper into America’s two-point-five trillion-dollar healthcare sector, many politicians voted to spare themselves the pain of their own policies—policies they insisted would be good for … “the masses.”

Those politicians need a lesson in civics.

Because we … are not the masses.

In this country, we’ve never been nor have we ever considered ourselves the proletariat, the herd or the hoi polloi, the mob or the common folk, the rabble or the riffraff.

No. For 237 years, we, the American people, have not been subjects—we have been sovereign.

We remain sovereign.

And every two years on Election Day, we exercise our powers as sovereign.

Our leaders in Washington would do well to remember that fact … particularly as they determine the power of federal bureaucracies.

["I'd make cheap energy expensive, so that expensive energy would seem cheap.”]

You see, environmentalists don’t use force.

They don’t need to.

They don’t even need lawmakers anymore.

Instead, they use lawsuits …

… To short-circuit the Rule of Law and expand bureaucratic control over things like … residential wood burning.

That’s right. Radical environmentalists are now seeking to extend federal power to residential wood burning—as in the kind that heats millions of homes in the winter.

Many rural families may be forced to spend thousands to comply with new regulations—if they can afford to comply at all.

[“I would empower unelected bureaucrats to all-but-outlaw America's most abundant sources of energy.”]

Welcome to Alabama—red state.

For months, environmental interests have been waging a campaign here to kill coal.

Of course, they can’t say that to the conservative voters of Alabama.

So, instead, environmental front-groups are pretending to care about the cost of electricity.

It’s a joke. And their money … betrays their true intentions.

New reports reveal that San Francisco-based environmental interests are funneling millions to the very Alabama front-groups now seeking to hijack the state’s Public Service Commission.

Millions … flowing from California to radical environmental groups in Alabama … all part of a back-door effort to bring down the free market, in the very heart of a conservative stronghold.

Don’t let them get away with it, Alabama.

Whether they serve in Congress in Washington, work at a federal agency, or sit on the Public Service Commission in Alabama—our public officials were not empowered to negotiate the slow surrender of our freedoms.

And the cause of energy independence is the cause of freedom.

Let not our children say that this cause was quietly forsaken by those who professed to lead it.

Let not history say that we deserted our principles, when they were most in need of a vigorous defense.

Let it be said that we saw things clearly, even when it was difficult …

… That we stood up, spoke out, and fought back.