Will America Fail?

The Unlikely Story of How Millennials Will Spark a Conservative Renaissance and Restore American Prosperity

Will America Fail? With China rising and the Middle East ablaze, the question of “American decline” has seized the national spotlight. In the midst of historic change, Ryan Houck—the 29 year-old co-creator of If I Wanted America to Fail and President of Free Market America—partners with Post Hill Press to deliver a groundbreaking new book with a surprising take on America's future.

The title: Will America Fail?

Hailed by Rush Limbaugh as “brilliant” and declared a new “conservative manifesto” by Fox News’ Eric Bolling, millions tuned in to watch Houck’s last tour de force, If I Wanted America to Fail. In his new book, Houck makes the bold but painstakingly-researched prediction that America stands at the threshold of a new Golden Age—and that many members of his Millennial Generation will not only live to see it, they will inaugurate it.

As implied by the book’s powerful new trailer, Will America Fail? addresses haunting questions raised in past videos, such as: Is America, like Rome before it, destined to crumble and collapse? Have the values of our Founders become obsolete in the Information Age? Will the 21st Century belong to China or the United States? Is the next generation of Americans—the so-called Millennials—prepared to lead?

Unlike most political commentary on bookshelves today—much of which is rooted in the late 20th Century experiences of Watergate, Vietnam or the Reagan Revolution—Houck’s narrative style and nuanced message belong wholly to the Information Age. Readers in their twenties and thirties will instantly discover modern ways to connect with the timeless truths of our American Experiment, while older readers will find both a new sense of optimism for our nation’s long-term future as well as a new conservative language that will appeal to their Millennial children. A Millennial himself, Houck’s relatable style and assiduous research make Will America Fail? a truly unique addition to his genre.
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